Museum’s Functions Transformation And Origin Of Narrative Exhibitions In Current Conditions




museum, narrative museum, postmodern museum, exhibition, narration, exhibit, performativity, collecting


The article considers the role, the function and the place of museums in the modern world in the conditions of the electronic revolution, change of generations, the beginning of the postmodernism era. Accordingly, to these statements, there are questions related to the revision of the museum communication system relatively modern forms, understandable to the new generation. Speaking of museum communication, first of all, we mean a change in approaches to the formation and creation of a museum exhibition, which is the main platform for interaction with the public, and therefore communication with the visitor. The author pays attention to the issue of separating the second main function of the museum, along with storage. In today's digital and post-industrial society, the availability of collections for visitors comes to the fore in museums, as well as the form of exhibitions and the way it constructed. The article analyzes the reasons for the change of museums forms and their activities, following the functioning of various models in society and their conflict. It argued that the situation in museums reflects a broader conflict between two models of democracy, which, although unevenly, but coexist today: pedagogical and performative model. The first, among other things, provides that a person, to be a citizen, must be prepared through education, to participate in high culture. The second considers each person as a consumer/customer who consciously has the right to accept or reject a product. Therefore, the author paid special attention to the narrative museum as one of the forms of the postmodern museum, which functionates within the framework of the performative model, the construction of its exposition and the perception of its visitors. Also, considers the range of ways of displaying objects as well as its expansion in comparison with the classical modernism museum. Additional modern presentation methods provided, including story virtualization and related educational activities that added to the classical exposition base. The author present signs characterize the narrative of the museum.



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