The Role Of Modern Narrative Museums In The Urban Space




museum, ecomuseum, narrative museum, urban space, revitalization, tourism


The article has examined the revision of the social functions of museums associated with changes in social structures, which began in the second half of the last century. This process caused a wide-ranging discussion about changes in the place and role of museums in society, which led to the emergence of museum institutions whose scope went beyond the gathering, study, conservation, and exhibition of collections. The authors pay attention to the role of museum institutions within the physical spaces and local communities in which the museum exists, considering it in the context of the impact on urban space. The article analyzes the process of tourism development in the second half of the twentieth century and its impact on the beginning of the "museum boom". In this context considered the process of museums transformation into tourist attractions, their formation of cultural space, and the infrastructure of settlements. Particular attention paid to the role of the modern museum in the formation of an attractive image of cities and regions. The authors presented the role of the modern museum in the revitalization of urban physical space. Also, they analyzed the experience of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and its role in transforming the post-industrial depressed city into one of the centers of European and world tourism and culture. Based on the experience of Polish narrative museums, the authors examined the process of revitalization and changes in the urban space, after the emergence of a modern museum.  Particular attention paid to the analysis of sociological studies that exploring the impact of modern narrative museum on tourist attractiveness, security, investment attractiveness and infrastructure development processes of modern urban space. Also, the authors paid attention to the role of the modern museum in the development of social capital, which leads to the process of transforming museums into places of leisure, building around themselves a space of values, local and global communication.



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