Okhrim Kravchenko: through the life. Loyalty to Michael Boychuk School’s traditions


  • Yaroslav Kravchenko Lviv National Academy of Arts




Okhrim Kravchenko, school of Mykhailo Boichuk, persecutions, Soviet regime


The paper outlines the life and work of Okhrim Kravchenko (1903 – 1985), the artist from Lviv. It is based on the archival documents and memoirs of his son who is the author of the paper. The aim of this writing is to add some important information about Okhrim Kravchenko. The author stresses that the artist was not appreciated until he was gone. Partisans of the «Soviet realistic art» name-called him «boichukist» and «formalist», because of Okhrim Kravchenko’s belonging to the artistic school of Mykhailo Boichuk – the famous Ukrainian monumentalist painter who was persecuted by the Stalin’s regime. Almost all his years of life, Okhrim Kravchenko had been suffering from the persecutions as well. He had been working just for himself, without any intention to exhibit his works and gain the public acceptance. His artistic heritage consists of 300 paintings, about 200 drawings, watercolors and pastels. It also includes  an album of sketches made after works of art by the representatives of Mykhailo Boichuk school who were persecuted by the Soviet regime. The story of Okhrim Kravchenko told by his reveals many important facts of the cultural life in Ukraine during the Soviet period.



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