"Criticism Is About Creating Timeless Acoustics": An Interview With Art Historian Olga Balashova





Olga Balashova, art criticism, history of criticism


Olga Balashova - art historian, kmbs and KAMA lecturer, art critic, deputy director for the development of the National Art Museum of Ukraine (NAMU) in 2017-2020. The interview was recorded in February 2020 by assistant professor Anna Kaluger (Chair of Art History, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv). This interview was conducted as part of the Ph.D. research "The structure of art criticism in Ukraine at the beginning of the XXI century." The discussion will focus on the definition of art criticism in the Ukrainian art context and its disciplinary boundaries. Olga Balashova talks about her career path as art historian and critic, determining for her theoretical influences, the school of art history at NAOMA, and her research priorities within the study of the history of criticism. Part of the interview focuses on the methods of teaching criticism in the humanities in the context of the internetization of criticism and the loss of its usual disciplinary basis - the history of art. It will also discuss the genre classification of criticism at the level of objects of study, in particular: the portrait of the artist, curatorial strategy, or phenomenological study of artistic events. The final part of the interview focuses on options for constructing the history of criticism in Ukraine: both the history of resources and the history of authors, the history of interpretations, and the history of methodological approaches.



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Kaluher А., & Balashova О. (2021). "Criticism Is About Creating Timeless Acoustics": An Interview With Art Historian Olga Balashova. TEXT AND IMAGE: ESSENTIAL PROBLEMS IN ART HISTORY, 2(10). https://doi.org/10.17721/2519-4801.2020.2.09



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