Information For Authors

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Author Guidelines

“Text and Image” encourages submissions of previously unpublished scholarly articles on topics of significance to those concerned with the problem of historical narrative and visual imagery correlation, in various cultures, from ancient to recent history. We do not accept papers that have been published or are under consideration for publication elsewhere.
The text must be provided in Calibri font, 12 pts. Abstracts in English (300 words).
The article should provide a clear statement of the problem, the relevant literature on the subject and the proposed approach or solution. Argumentation, as the main part of the paper, should offer the analysis of the subject, based on the specific evidences. Conclusions should be presented with clarity and precision, and should be explained, but largely without referring to the literature and should interpret the findings in view of the results obtained. Illustrations and tables should be progressively numbered, following the order cited in the text. All illustrations should be submitted as jpeg files (300 dpi).

We use Harvard method of referencing. In-text references to cited sources should follow the model:

CUNLIFFE, B. & KOCH, J., 2012, The Celtic from West: Alternative perspectives from archaeology, genetics, language and literature. Oxford: Oxford books.
(Cunliffe & Koch 2012, p. 56)
When presenting an article to be published in "Text and Image", the author states the following:
- the manuscript is original, it neither represents a fragment in a printed book nor has it been published as an article;
- the article does not contain false data, in a conscious and/ or intended manner, abusive or illegal statements, and it does not break third parties’ rights;
- the article does not present previously unpublished data or images, without indicating the source or without the owner(s)’ consent;
- the article does not use results published previously, without adequate and proper quotation;
- the author(s) accepts and acknowledges the required modifications instated by the editors as part of the final correction.