Fine art in the St. Vladimir University students‘ everyday life in the context of artistic life of Kyiv and nearby region (1834-1863)




students, St. Vladimir University, fine arts


Research works devoted to the students of St. Vladimir University usually highlight either specific features of the educational process or some aspects of their everyday life. Student‘s artistic interest has been studied to the lesser extent. The article depicts the place of fine arts in the life of the St. Vladimir University students in the years 1834-1863. The author points out that the students’ interest in fine arts developed under the influence of the region’s artistic tradition. Therefore, specifics of the artistic life in Ukraine is analyzed in the article as well. Special attention is paid to Kyiv as the center of artistic life of the region. Kyiv Сontract Fair which took place annually in the second half of January was the main event for the regional art market. Famous local artists worked in Kyiv and in the region as drawing teachers in various educational institutions. Other artists came to Kyiv to make drawings of its views and historical monuments. St. Vladimir University played an important role in artistic life of the city during the years 1834-1863. The University’s collection of fine arts, which included a lot of pieces of the Western European art, was designed to promote aesthetic and artistic development of the St. Vladimir University students. The University allowed students to attend elective drawing lessons provided by experienced artists and teachers. Nevertheless, only a few students attended these lessons. Scientific illustration as a component of visual art played important role in students‘ education, especially for medical students, botanists, zoologists etc. In many cases illustration was the main source of visual information for students. The author admits that a lot of students were skilled drawers themselves because drawing was the easiest way to visualize the results of their research work. Some students gathered their own small collections of art works. The fact that the students were familiar with the works of fine art affirms their high cultural level and belonging to the social elite.






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