Art Enamel In The Creativity Of Olexandr Boroday


  • Vadym Mykhalchuk National Academy of Managerial Staff of Culture and Arts



enamel, copper relief, bronze, public art, interior design, metal art


The article presents main stages of the creative development of a contemporary Ukrainian artist Olexander Boroday, especially his work as enamel artist. It describes the work of the artist in the revival of the technique of art enamel in Ukraine, main events performed to revive the interest of connoisseurs to enamel, and his most important works in this technique. Additionally, Boroday’s school in the field of art metal, especially enamel with Dnipro and Kiev as main artistic centres are depicted.  Alongside the enamel festival, Mr Boroday contributed to the dissemination of knowledge about the enamel technique and its broadest capabilities and about his own works as well as exhibitions. Many organizational difficulties and obstacles arise on the way of the authors of the idea to revive and popularize art of enamels in different spheres of art. The artist is the person too vulnerable to withstand such barriers, and a subtle character of masters often does not allow them to resist the pressure of the bureaucratic machine, but enamel craftsmen continue to arrange their exhibitions, take part in other projects to keep the tradition. O. Boroday tries to maintain the flame of love to enamel in young artists and helps Kiev’s creative youth to delve into the secrets of the technique of enamel, especially hot enamel. He initiated a workshop of ceramic and enamel art in Kiev, where enamel has taken root as a technique used in the field of easel painting, and in applied art – in the creation of utensils and small plastic from the clay. His school, the workshop continues to expand, to grow with new names, which gives us the hope that the generation of enamellers in Ukraine will not disappear, but, on the contrary, it will develop and continue the old traditions, improve the technique and experiment, blurring the boundaries between art forms.






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