Kazimir Malevich And Kharkiv Region


  • Vladlen Trubchaninov H.S. Skovoroda Kharkiv National Pedagogical University




Kazimir Malevich, Kharkiv, Parkhomivka, abstract art, suprematism


The talent of Kazimir Malevich, one of the most prominent artists of the abstract art, arose in Ukraine. As it often happens with such great artists, life and destiny of the founder of suprematism evoke many questions and discussions among art historians, biographers and art critics. The problem of a national affiliation of the artist has become a question of prestige for several countries. Consequently, the question about the connection of Kazimir Malevich with the Kharkiv region becomes more essential. Most of the researches devoted to the life and art of the founder of suprematism were created during the second half of the 20th century. Today the topic of artist`s connection with Ukraine is researched by a group of scholars from Kyiv. The problem of Malevich`s art and its nature also stir the interest of international scholars. The author of this article claims that Kazimir Severinovich has got the first impulse for art in Kharkiv region. Author started the research  from the analyzes of the Malevich’s early paintings of Ukrainian landscapes, agricultural workers and religious scenes. Thеn he followed the transition of the painter to abstract art and discover his suprematist masterpieces.  His temporary abandonment of painting in favour of teaching and writing was investigated. And finally, author researched much-debated return of the Malevich to the figurative painting. Outstanding creative discoveries of suprematism are also connected with Kharkiv. In 1928–1930 Kazimir Malevich published thirteen articles in a Kharkiv-based journal «Nova generatsia» (New generation). There were such articles as «Art and the problems of architecture», «Analysis of new and fine art, the new art and the fine arts», etc among the first publications. In this journal Malevich proved for the first time the substantial connection of colour and form. Later, the principle of the connection of the shape and colour became the basis for the ideas of Bauhaus, and for such works of J. Itten as «The Art of Color» and «Design and Form».





Modern and Contemporary art

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