The Infinity of Fedir Tetianych

Review on Fedir Tetianych. Frypulia, 2021. Kyiv: Antikvar




Fedir Tetianych, Frypulia, Ukrainian art , nonconformity, performative practices


Ukrainian art in the late 20th century witnessed significant changes marked by the independence and originality of artists, responding to the repressive Soviet system. Fedir Tetianych, also known as Frypulia, personified a unique Ukrainian phenomenon from the 1970s to the early 21st century. Despite being an outsider during his lifetime, Tetianych's posthumous recognition has grown, with his works now featured in prominent contemporary art centers worldwide, including the prestigious Center Pompidou in Paris. The book «Fedir Tetianych. Frypulia», published in 2021 by the PinchukArtCentre research group, offers a comprehensive overview of Tetianych's life and artistic journey. Analytical essays by various authors explore Tetianych's artistic vision and personality, his concept of Frypulia, and the significance of his textual heritage. The archival collection of Tetianych's works, housed at the Modern Art Research Institute of the Ukrainian Academy of Arts, is also presented. This review focuses on the book's essays, delving into Tetianych's artistic development, unique concepts, and the innovative approach of Valerii Sukharuk in exhibiting Tetianych's work. As the first in-depth study of Tetianych, the book is essential for grasping his distinctive artistic vision and addressing the challenge of classifying his work within traditional artistic styles. It underscores the importance of fostering a broader discourse around Tetianych's groundbreaking contribution to art.





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